The Educational Technology staff who provide direct support to faculty are now primarily located in the Digital Learning Studio on Healey 3. They assist faculty with the Blackboard/Vista learning management system and other web 2.0 tools and platforms such as blogs and wikis; with the document management and collaboration system, Xythos; with multimedia projects, podcasts, Itunes U, flip-videos and classroom capture; and with course design that makes effective use of a variety of technologies. Staff members offer frequent workshops to instruct faculty in the use of all supported tools.

The Educational Technology Staff, in collaboration with the library and with the assistance of other IT personnel, offers an annual Educational Technology Conference in May of each year. Members also participate in other forums on teaching and learning, including the January conference of the Center for the Improvement of Teaching, serve on relevant campus committees, and work with library staff in providing integrated faculty support through the Liaison Program. (Information about liasons to academic departments can be found at


Apurva Mehta
Apurva Mehta is the I.T. Director for Client Services & Educational Technologies and formerly the Head of Library Systems at UMass Boston. Apurva and his department oversee the IT Service Desk, the desktop operations, the computer labs, the instructional technology center, the Digital Learning Studio, and the Blackboard learning management system
Contact Information:
Director of Educational Technology and Client Services
Digital Learning Center Staff–Providing Direct Services to Faculty

Jessica Downa
Jessica Downa is an Educational Technology Media Specialist in the Digital Learning Studio. She is responsible for assisting faculty and staff with developing multi-media projects. She also runs the universities iTunes U site.
Contact Information:
Multimedia Specialist

Ellie Kutz
Ellie Kutz, a professor emerita of English, serves as the IT faculty liaison while continuing to teach English courses online, including a graduate course in Teaching English with Technology. She is responsible for outreach activities to faculty, including the Liaison Program and the Educational Technology newsletter, and for connecting faculty development in Educational Technology to other faculty development activities of the university.
Contact Information:
Faculty Liaison

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis joined the EdTech staff in 2010 as Manager of Instructional Support. He works to coordinate the efforts of multiple groups in supporting UMass Boston’s instructional technologies. His team supports learning management (Blackboard Vista), synchronous and asynchronous distance learning, Web 2.0 tools (wikis, blogs, social networking), classroom technologies (personal response devices, lecture capture, and live conferencing), plagiarism prevention tools, and others. As a faculty support specialist, Mark focuses on assessment tools and blended learning.
Contact Information:
Manager of Instructional Support

Eileen McMahon
Eileen McMahon works closely with faculty to integrate technology into the curriculum, and create strong pedagogically sound applications of technology. Her areas of interest in include Educational Mash-ups, open educational resource, and collaborative pedagogies.
Contact Information:
Senior Instructional Designer

Theresa Nelson-Miller
Theresa Nelson-Miller is an eLearning and web developer and enjoys learning and implementing new technologies to support the university community. Some projects she has been involved in include the Blackboard Vista/PeopleSoft Middleware Integration Project, and LMS Course Section Request application. She has recently developed and presented two new Microsoft Word 2007 workshops that focus on creating a weblog and using academic research tools. She is currently working on the Blackboard Vista Active Directory project.
Contact Information:
eLearning and Web Developer

Gene Shwalb
Gene Shwalb is an Instructional Designer for the Division of Corporate, Continuing, and Distance Education at UMass Boston. He supports online faculty using Blackboard Vista, Wimba Classroom and Voice, and Adobe Presenter (Breeze). Gene is also an adjunct instructor at UMass Boston, teaching graduate courses in Instructional Design and Technology.
Contact Information:
Instructional Designer

Mary Simone
Mary Simone manages the Digital Learning Studio at UMass Boston and assists faculty and students with the integration of multi-media to support learning and teaching. She is also Lecturer for Hispanic Studies and the Graduate School of Education for both face to face and on-line courses. Her special interests are in the research and application of technology to second language acquisition, and she has received academic technology grants to support online-tutoring to help K12 teachers of Spanish and Chinese in Boston area public schools in the how to integrate e Web 2.0 tools into their curriculum.
Contact Information:
DLS Manager

Irene Yukhananov
Irene Yukhananov is an Instructional Designer at UMass Boston. She supports faculty in web-enhanced courses using Blackboard Vista and other online educational tools. Irene also works with faculty and students training them on how to use various Web 2.0 technologies including GPS and Google Apps, to enhance teaching and learning. Her special interests include geo photography, mapping of urban spaces, and place-based digital storytelling.
Contact Information:
Instructional Designer
Graduate Students:

Christian DeTorres
Christian deTorres is a graduate student in Instructional Design. He administers UMass Boston’s private Wikispaces, and offers workshops, individual wiki assistance, and support for wiki projects. He also provides faculty support for Blackboard Vista and Moodle, as well as e-learning development tools like Respondus, CourseGenie and Unison. His special interests include reusable learning objects and Web 2.0 tools for collaboration and learning. He built his first online community in 1990, and worked in IT for over 10 years before returning to school full-time.
Contact Information:

John Mazzarella
John is a graduate student in Instructional Design.. He has worked as a student consultant in the Media Center for the past three years focusing on many areas multimedia and graphic design.
Contact Information:
Educational Technology Staff Providing Related Services to Faculty and Students

Ken Elkind
Ken Elkind promotes computer technology for the individuals with disabilities for the University. He has worked for 10 years educating and training individuals with disabilities in using assistive technology. He is a former employee of Kurzweil Educational System, an assistive technology company, providing reading and learning strategies for individuals with visual impairment and learning disabilities.
Contact Information:
Adaptive Technology Specialist

Kalindi Mehta
Kalindi Mehta is the LMS Administrator providing support to the IT Ed Tech team and the Division of Corporate, Continuing, and Distance Education at UMASS Boston. Her previous experience includes teaching Mathematics, Programming and Database administration. Some of the current and ongoing projects she is involved in are developing the knowledge base for PerceptIS, upgrading and testing BlackBoard, Cognos, batch processing PeopleSoft queries for course creation and student enrollments, creating and downloading results for Online Course Evaluations, establishing protocols for data exchange between PeopleSoft and User Interface System (Middleware) and assisting faculty and students using BlackBoard Vista.
Contact Information:
Learning Management Systems Administrator

Peter Tofuri
Peter is an administrator for the Blackboard system, doing the technical set-up and maintenance for courses using Blackboard each semester.. He formerly spent 13 years as systems programmer/database administrator for the University Advancement Office.
Contact Information:
Blackboard Administrator
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