Posted by: Ellie Kutz | October 15, 2012

New Staff/New Roles

Fall 2012 has brought some changes in edtech roles and services. Our two newest staff members, both graduates of our M.A. program in Instructional Design, are already known to many faculty because they

Paula Dinneen, whose background is in K-12 education, has led the project to bring the Atomic Learning resource to the campus and has been working closely with the Blackboard transition process.  She will serve as the edtech liaison to the department of Curriculum and Instruction and to University College.

John Mazzarella, whose own animations have been seen at the Talented U event to showcase the work that UMass Boston staff are doing in creative arts, is an expert on working with multimedia, offers workshops in using Photoshop and other Adobe tools, and helps faculty with multimedia projects and video editing. He is also our Wikispaces administrator.  He will serve as the edtech liaison to the departments of American Studies, Art,  English, and History and will also support the College of Management.

Ellen Foust, who has been providing support  the Wimba Classroom synchronous conferencing system used by online faculty, has now moved to the Digital Learning studio as an instructional designer focusing on web-enhanced courses.  She has developed expertise in Voicethread—a multimedia discussion tool being used by increasing numbers of faculty.  She will serve as the edtech liaison to the departments of Classics, Exercise and Health Sciences, and to the College of Management.

All of the instructional designers will also provide support for Blackboard Learn and other tools available to faculty.

You can find a listing of edtech liaisons for departments at IT Getting Services.

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