Posted by: Ellie Kutz | October 15, 2012

New Services: Academic Videos

Media Specialist Jessica Downa has taken on a new role, creating videos for academic purposes on the campus.   One of her first projects in this capacity has been to create a set of video case studies for the College of Nursing, working with Assistant Professor Janice Foust.  The process has involved generating scripts for topics such as “Promoting Safer Care Transitions,” and “Safe Medication Administration,” filming the acting out of scenarios, and editing these into final case study videos for use in class discussions.

Other current video projects include the creation of a video introduction to staff and services across the university that can be used to provide an online orientation for new faculty and the filming of a series of student success videos.

Jessica is available to help you plan and film your academic video project.  She also maintains a collection of resources for using video in the classroom on her Digital Literacy Video Production Wiki.  There you will find technical instructions (e.g. how to work with a flip video camera); guides, templates and screencast videos to aid in planning and writing (storyboards), production (recording, editing), and exporting your videos, along with information about copyright, royalty-free resources, and free sources of video editing tools.

As she takes on new video-related activities, Jessica continues to work with the university’s iTunes site,  to offer workshops in Adobe products, Video Production, Social Media and iOS devices, and to work with other projects such as iPads in the Classroom, where she  is providing support for David Patterson as he redesigns his music courses for mobile technologies.    She is no longer located in the Digital Learning Studio, but you can find her office on the Lower Level of Healey Library.


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