Posted by: Ellie Kutz | October 24, 2011

UMass Boston’s New Website: Some Hints for Finding Your Way Around

The new UMass Boston website was launched on August 25, 2011, after a two year redesign process.  A redesign was necessary, in part, because the underlying architecture of the old site was inadequate for building on in the future.  And while it has been hard for many of us to change our old habits of finding out what we need to know, the redesigned site is expected to offer clearer and more intuitive ways of accessing information for various constituencies, including current and prospective students, faculty, and alumni.

Here are a few things you might want to know about the new site.

Navigation:  Fixed navigation categories (such as Academics, Research , Admissions) appear at the top of the page.  At the top left corner of the home page, you’ll find a link for Faculty & Staff.

This connects to a new Faculty/Staff landing page that contains most of the links you’ll need to get to the offices and information that faculty across the campus access most often, including  Technology for Teaching, Learning and Collaboration (Educational Technology);  the Office for Faculty Development, and the Center for Innovative Teaching (CIT).

On individual pages for various offices, such as the Office for Faculty Development, the local navigation appears on the left.

Most educational technology tools and support can be accessed through the Instructional Support link on the IT Getting Services page.

Events Calendar

A new feature of the website is the Events Calendar, accessed from the home page by selecting Events in the left hand navigation.

You’ll find a list of featured events of the day, but also links at the bottom to a listing of All Events and a UMass Boston Calendar page that shows featured events for the day.

October 26’s  featured events include a Assistive Technology workshop and the Hidden Treasure event to highlight the accomplishments of non-tenure-track faculty.

The UMass Boston Calendar page also includes  a calendar that lets you select any date to see the day’s events.

If you only see a few events, you might want to change the filter.

Pics and Blogs

Another goal of the website redesign was to create a more interactive space where images and voices from the university community could be seen and heard.  Images sent in response to  a call for pictures appear the center column of the home page.

To the right, a University Voices column highlights  blog entries from members of the campus  community.

A link at the bottom leads to the Umass Boston Blog Network, where, if you follow the navigation link for blogs, you’ll see, on the list, the new faculty development blog  “Faculty Inspired”  (also linked from the home page of the Office for Faculty Development).  We hope you’ll feel inspired to contribute your own voice there.

As you navigate your own way around our new university website, we hope you’ll send along suggestions about how the site might be improved, by filling out a feedback form, emailing, or, for the faculty development pages, emailing


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