Posted by: Ellie Kutz | May 4, 2010

Educational Technology Conference May 13

Program and Registration Link at

As we come to  the end of the semester, EdTech and Library staff and faculty presenters are preparing for the Fourth Annual Educational Technology Conference on May 13.  This year’s conference, with the theme of “Transf0rming Teaching and Learning with Technology” will bring together a number of exciting presenters from on and off the campus.  Here are a few highlights.

Part of our focus will be on faculty development, both how faculty have integrated technology into their own teaching and scholarship and how both endeavors have been reshaped by this integration.  Our Provost, Winston Langley, will share his thoughts about the role of academic technology within a broader faculty development initiative, we’ll hear from CSM Dean Andrew Grosovsky about the place of educational technology in that college’s new Davis Foundation-funded instructional innovation initiative (see the article about the use of wikis in that initiative in our March issue).  As a lunchtime keynote, Cheryl Nixon (English) and Malcolm Smuts (History) will show the website they’ve created on 17th century London and talk about what it’s meant to both their teaching and their scholarship.

Other faculty, both new (Josh Reid, History; Alex Mueller, English; David Pruett, Performing Arts), and those who’ve been with us for a while (Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Counseling/School Psych, Peter Taylor, Critical and Creative Thinking; Marietta Schwartz, Chemistry, and many others) will reflect on their experiences and share their strategies for engaging students in large and smaller classes, in the classroom and online, using a wide range of tools and platforms (Blackboard, Wikispaces, Adobe Presenter, I-Clickers, Camtasia Screen Capture, video, and various social networking tools).

An invited outside speaker, the poet and MacArthur Fellow, Lewis Hyde, will offer new ways of thinking about copyright and fair use to address the concerns of faculty as teachers and scholars. Library staff will offer sessions on how new library technologies and services can enhance student research across disciplines.   We’ll get to meet the new CEO of UMassOnline, Ken Udas, and hear about what he forsees as the educational technology future at UMass.  And ed tech and library staff and vendors will be on hand to demonstrate various tools and technologies–including e-book readers and the IPad.

Above all, the conference offers us an opportunity to come together as part of a community and reflect on the work we do in a changing digital environment–on how the changing environment impacts that work.


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